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Mistura 2019: South America’s Biggest Food Event in Perú

Since Apega, the Peruvian Gastronomy Association that organizes Peru’s largest food fair, announced in August of last year that the Mistura 2018 will not be held on its traditional date in September and further details will be disclosed “in the coming weeks”, we had to wait until now to hear from them again. The Mistura 2018 is of course water under the bridge by now, but it seems that in 2019 Mistura will definitely take place – but not the way we are used to.

Mistura started in 2008 as small local food festival and thanks to numerous prominent Peruvian chefs and committed organizers grew into the largest and most important yearly gastronomic event in Latin America held at the Costa Verde in Lima each September.

Problems began in 2017 when some prominent supporters withdrew from the organization. Mistura was moved from its traditional location at the Costa Verde to a new venue in Rimac and postponed over two months just weeks before Peru’s largest food fair was supposed to start.

Then last year in April organizers first announced that the Mistura 2018 would return to the Costa Verde of Magdalena del Mar and be held around its traditional date in September, just to once again inform the public a few weeks before the start that Mistura will be postponed again.

So, now we get information about the Mistura 2019 from Bernardo Roca Rey, the president of Apega, which at this point should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt – at least until we hear more, according to him “in the next 10 days”.

He announced during an interview with the Peruvian daily Gestión that the transformation and reorganizing process of the new Mistura concept is finished and that the Mistura 2019 will definitely happen this year; however, to the astonishment of all not in Lima anymore, but most probably either in Trujillo or Arequipa.

Additionally, it seems that Roca Rey and Fernando López de Castilla, founder of the Nexo Franchise, turned their plans to bring Mistura abroad into tangible reality. Talks with Chile and Colombia, but as well Bolivia are underway. So, in the future we might even see a Mistura in Santiago de Chile, Bogota, La Paz or Sucre.

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait months again to get more information about the Mistura 2019. We of course will update this article as soon any details are announced.