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La Causa

La Causa, a tasty dish tied to the history of Peru.

The potato is originally from Peru, and the country produces more than three thousand varieties. It is therefore impossible not to find it on the table of Peruvians, who have found a thousand and one ways to prepare it. Most dishes are served with potatoes, whether hot or cold.

It's a great side dish: in addition to being delicious and nutritious, it can be adapted to the tastes of any guest. However, one of the most exquisite and original dishes that can be prepared with it, which also pays a role in the story of Peru's independence, is la causa.

Mashed yellow potato, ground yellow ají pepper and lemon juice enliven la causa, a smooth tasty dough which can be stuffed as the chef pleases, an elite Peruvian dish. Housewives and the most esteemed chefs alike feel like artists when they prepare it. Among the favorites is causa de pollo, made with chicken.

By adding various ingredients with different shapes, colors and flavors to the paste, la causa can be turned into a true work of art. Some say la causa was handed down from the Incas, derived from their Quechua word for potato kausaq, meaning sustenance of life.

Ancient Peruvians prepared rokro or ruxru from kausaq, or cooked potato, mixed with ají peppers. It is said that this preparation, consumed in ancient times, was later given the name causa.