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CUSQUEÑA Trigo 355cc - Latin Food Company

CUSQUEÑA Trigo 355cc

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Our origin begins in the capital of the Inca Empire: Cusco. A city that jealously guards our roots. A place made of the best that remains intact with the passing of the years. This city served as inspiration for our brewers to create this great beer with precision and above all, taking care of every detail of its preparation.

We know that the best ingredients result in a beer made the best. That's why we make it with 100% pure barley and the finest aromatic hops that give it a unique and incomparable flavor. Every detail is perfectly taken care of so that in each sip you experience our passion for beer.

Cerveza Cusqueña has been awarded with more than 50 prizes in the most recognized international competitions in Belgium, England, United States and Australia.

Cusqueña Wheat Wheat Beer

Refreshing by nature

It is made with Wheat Andrews and select malted barley; ingredients that give it characteristics of naturalness and consistency.

To enjoy it better, do not forget to move the bottle in an enveloping way to awaken its flavor and capture the essence of wheat. Try it with rice dishes, hams and sausages.