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Juan Valdez Gourmet Selection Nariño

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It is almost a miracle that in the high peaks of Nariño coffee can germinate, but what is really amazing is the way this process occurs in heights up to 2,300 meters above sea level. In Nariño, a unique phenomenon occurs in the world, where cultivation at this point would not be viable, if it were not for the proximity to the Ecuadorian line, where solar radiation is very high and allows plants to protect themselves from the cold of the night.
The sun's rays of the day are concentrated in the bottom of canyons typical of the Nariño geography and during the night the heat of the radiation rises in the form of hot air to shelter the crops and protect them from the low night temperatures, during colder nights than those of other regions of the country. These changes of temperature force the plants to mature more slowly and produce more sugars that result in a soft, sweet and citrus drink, so exquisite that it is one of the favorites in the world.
Now, if we talk about the Nariño coffee growers, we see a work completely dedicated to seeking the perfection of their coffee plantation, which allows us to create an exquisite cup of coffee with pronounced aroma and unmatched softness, highlighted in all kinds of preparations. What are you waiting to try it?